Hello world!

Hey =)

It’ll take while for me to get this blog going and figure out exactly what is going to be so I hope everyone is patient with me.

The first two writings you’ll find on me are my evaluation and proposal arguments on urban blight in Detroit. Both, in my opinion, are relatively well written  the first one offering an overview of but blight is and its contentions. Secondly, you  have my proposal argument in which I touch on a few things that can be improved so that the issue of blight in Detroit can be solved more efficiently. Now, I’m not saying that the methods I discuss are the only ways that have been tried or the only ones that should be tried, I’m simply offering a few of what I consider the most feasible courses of actions. If you disagree that’s fine because my intention is not to impose anything on anyone, it simply to offer my take on the topic whether you  agree or not, but more importantly I hope you care. I hope you care enough to do something and act on whatever feeling you get when you read these arguments, so long as your feeling isn’t complete boredom.

These arguments are intended to target the youth of Detroit, prompting them to act and salvage the remains of this once thriving city. Although the key audience is the youth these arguments and proposals can really be applied to any Detroit citizen.  The topic of blight is universal to all cities, so really the possible solutions for urban blight in Detroit can be applied to other cities as well. So truthfully, in the end these two pieces are designed to target those who unaware or indifferent to the problem of blight and prompt them to act and work to help build a better community for all.

Ultimately, my intention is have this blog include a little bit of everything. It is about the world, about music, literature, politics etc. For all the oddly placed quotes on bathroom stalls, all the wacky theme songs of the world and all the chalk on the sidewalk. This blog is aimed (but not limited to) empowering the youth towards making a difference in their community. Basically, I want people who come here for no particular, reason to leave caring about something. Whether it is blight, hunger, education or the inspirational quotes of the sidewalk. I hope that this blog does something whether that is helping keep people informed or getting a rise out of people who disagree with the ideas brought up on this blog. Whatever the case may be the purpose of this blog is simply to spread knowledge and hopefully, have fun doing it.


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